When planning a business, creating an organization, or developing a community initiative there is no one way which works best. Aspiring entrepreneurs, community leaders, politicians, and established organizations looking to enhance or expand their visions require a certain mindset, a specific path to their individual success. For over 20 years there has been one model which has been proven time and time again to bring meaningful gains to those who embrace its message, implement the strategies and incorporate the philosophy into their vision. That model is E3™. Over 5000 entrepreneurs have benefited from this philosophy and the visionary behind it, Anthony M. Butler, Sr.

For the first time individuals outside of E3 have access to a resource that has benefited its members nationwide. Mr. Butler’s ability to see opportunity where others see nothing has made him a valuable commodity for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. He is recognized from local communities up to Presidential administrations as a person of purpose and results. ESM was created by Mr. Butler to provide access for those outside of the E3 family and expand the benefits his unique “Strategy Sessions” to any person, organization or community ready to be more and do more consistently. Is your business or vision feasible? Where is your identified place in the market? How do you define your customers, clients, and champions? Do you recognize the difference in their value? These are questions answered daily by Mr. Butler for aspiring entrepreneurs. Why not you??

Strategy Packages


Executive & Entrepreneur Strategy Packages* Fledgling Session (1/2 hour) - Designed to provide those seriously considering starting a business an opportunity to discuss business idea or potential organization. Mr. Butler will share insights and potential linkages to further your vision for success. — $145

Eaglet Session (1 hour) - Full consultation to discuss 5 key questions for any entrepreneur, community leader, or official seeking to efficiently implement their ideas and vision. Mr. Butler will leverage relationships and over 20 years of progressive experience in creating and building entrepreneurs and leaders. — $275

Eagle Session (3 hours) - This is a no frills, highly intensive session where strategies are developed, revenue streams are defined and key partnerships are identified and formulated. Mr. Butler will devote all energies to the development of a plan of attack which will enhance the success rate of any business, community initiative, campaign, or program. Includes development of initial branding and marketing strategies, team building effort, and communications objectives. — $495

Eagle SOAR Package (4 x 2 hour sessions) - Weekly strategy, mentoring and coaching services as a priority Client. Marketing, Identifying expansion opportunities, guide with fundraising (planning only) leveraging of resources, company formation, pricing, team development and training, branding and imaging. Signature package for Sharing Opportunities Advice & Resources. — $895

* Half day, full day, and multi-day options available.

Product Development and Positioning


PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & POSITIONING—Eagle Soaring Management understands the nature of relationship building along with the importance of seeing and capitalizing off of key trends as an aspiring entrepreneur. Whether building clientele for your retail or service location or attempting to gain market share with a niche product the approach is the same. ESM takes a streamlined and realistic approach to gaining the right clients the right way in order to maximize your potential for revenue and growth. ESM works as the lead in developing strategies for increased market penetration, expansion, and sustainability through:

Focused branding campaigns and community engagement initiatives Strategic alliances & negotiated partnerships with complimentary businesses Demographic analysis and consultation to enhance marketing focus Customized and high structured Local, regional, and national expansion projects 6 month minimum to 2 year agreements

Logistical Management


LOGISTICAL MANAGEMENT—ESM differentiates itself from a typical event coordination company by providing true management services including, partnership acquisition, fundraising, negotiations, oversight, strategic planning, and issue resolution. With ESM you are able to focus without the repetitive requests for stop gap decisions. You choose your level of involvement… its your business.

Strategic planning, implementation and management (initiatives, programs, mission critical events) Liaison for high value projects on behalf of stakeholders (organization/key sponsor/executive) Management oversight of daily operations and accountable for program parameters Coordinate vendor relations and monitor metrics for success (keep true to the work)

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Leader in Business:

Anthony M. Butler, Sr. is International Director of E3 Business Group, Inc. an organization which works with aspiring entrepreneurs globally to build them leaders of business and support their efforts as leaders in communities. Since 1993, Mr. Butler has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and shared his E3 philosophy of Educate, Encourage and Empower to thousands of people in the US and abroad. His concepts for servant leadership, business development, strategic marketing and customer relationship building have been used in a wide variety of businesses while his passion for community advocacy has helped in the development of programs, events, and initiatives nationwide in the areas of small business, economic development, leadership and entrepreneurial growth.

He has received recognition by organizations large and small including Taco Bell Foundation, National Society of Pershing Rifles, The Harlem Globetrotters, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Florida Blue and the office of President Obama’s Administration in 2012. In 2014 he was honored as one of the Top 50 Small Business Influencers in Florida by Business Advantage Magazine. In 2015 he made history with the creation of the E3Xpo and the implementation of his nationally recognized 3-30-300 initiative which worked to create 300 jobs, develop 30 new businesses over a 3 year period. He believes in showing entrepreneurs how not to "leave money on the table" and has helped teach sponsorship acquisition to over 50 small businesses helping them securing over $180,000 in sponsorship dollars in Florida over the past 3 years.

In 2017, Anthony made his first appearance at the JMI National Leadership Conference in Ft. Lauderdale sharing his unique approach to team building. In addition, he made history with the introduction of the global Call of Eagles which is now subscribed to by entrepreneurs in the U.S., Canada, Haiti, and Europe.

Boards, Commissions and Accomplishments:

2017 - Presenter - Jim Moran Leadership Institute National Conference
2017 - Present - Board Member - Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition - Co-Chair Contracts QA/QI Committee
Top 50 Influencers in Business - Business Advantage Magazine
2015 Executive Consultant - Omega Psi Phi National Leadership Conference
2014 Jacksonville Mayor's Summit on Entrepreneurship
2012 - Meeting with FLOTUS Michelle Obama (Recommended by Republican and Democratic parties) 2012 - Present - Member Jacksonville Small Biz Helps
2012 - Present - Steering Committee United Way Real Sense
2012 JCCI Financial Advocacy Task Force
2010 Community Service Award Jacksonville Job Corps 2010 JCCI Quality of Life Review Board
2009 JCCI Race Relations Report
2008 JCCI Infant Mortality Task Force - Sub-Committee Chair
2004 Fresh Ministries Entrepreneur of the Year - Most Innovative Product or Initiative (Computer Spa)
1993 Baltimore County Adult Educator of the Year

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