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Eagle Soaring Management International is a minority/veteran owned firm committed to showing entrepreneurs and organizations their path to a higher level of success. We don't have a lot of fancy statements. Our focus is to allow our high level efforts to meet your high level expectations.

For aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to move forward we provide strategic sessions which move them forward, address challenges, and seek to strengthen their overall productivity.

In addition we take on a limited number of clients who we represent on a national level. We limit our portfolio to 20 Eagles (all of our clients are top risers) in order to remain balanced and strategically sound.

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E3 Business Group, Inc

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Product Development & Positioning
Logistical Management
SOAR Sessions
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Eagle Soaring Management Inc (ESM) is designed to meet the needs of the aspiring entrepreneur who is focused and prepared to invest in their success. Our services reflect our understanding of small business trends and the importance of protecting the vision of aspiring entrepreneurs ESM is worthy of your business and will always work to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI). From the individual entrepreneur with a game changing product/service to the established entrepreneur ready to ascend to the next level of success ESM is positioned to be a tool for effective and measurable change.
ESM Divisions
Eagle Soaring Academy

The training division for ESM, Eagle Soaring Academy is the home of our So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur series of professional development training for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is also the source of critically acclaimed small business and leadership based training workshops, seminars and webinars including All About Sponsorships; Cooperation, Collaboration and Partnerships... Oh My!; So You THINK You're An Entrepreneur and more.
E3 Business Group Inc

E3 focuses on building aspiring entrepreneurs into leaders of their business while supporting their efforts to become leaders for positive change in their communities. E3 works as a community partner with educational institutions, civic organizations chambers of commerce and government agencies to provide realistic and innovative approaches to business start-up, product development, business expansion, and team building for over 1000 entrepreneurs.

For nearly 25 years the organization has mentored, trained, coached and supported thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the United States. In 2017 E3 became international, expanding its reach to Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe and the Middle East supporting active and retired military with entrepreneurial goals. A SAM partner to the U.S. Small Business Administration and community partner to numerous city governments, state legislators, professional business organizations and federally elected public officials E3 works to break down silos and support like minded businesses and organizations in the work of supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates in the community.
Events and Initiatives
Annual small business and aspiring entrepreneur exposition in North Florida. Celebrating its 5th year with small business agencies including SCORE, and the IRS. Corporate partners like 121 Financial and great variety of small businesses representing dozens of industries. Features the highly successful RYSE Showcase (Recognizing Youth Skills in Entrepreneurship) which highlights some of the brightest lights in small business.
In It To Win It Client Listing
ASE Assets

ASE Enterprises is a minority and woman owned business which provides a broad spectrum of wellness services, consulting and training to individuals, families, organizations and their employees. ASE in partnership with MyEcon and other key partners focuses on 8 areas of wellness ranging from financial to health and has offers some of the most effective products and services available with a personal approach which has made them a preferred provider for many.
CandL Mobile Notary Services

C&L Mobile Notary Services LLC is a minority/woman/veteran owned business which servicing Northeastern FL Counties of Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Putnam, St. Johns and Union counties with Mortgage Signings, Weddings & Residual Assignments services.
DesignEFXJC3 Inc

DESIGNEFXJC3 has served various clients for the Non and for profit sector since 1997 and provides creative solutions in such varied areas as illustration, screen Print Design, Flyers, Brochures,Logo/Branding, Web Design and Social Media management; as well as youth mentoring, art and technology education and career training and development.

Contact Info – 904-214-5095

Slogan – #greatDesignPlusGreatClientsEqualGreatRelationships


Mr. John was thorough and efficient. He communicated with me through the whole process. Excellent work Izell Kirkpatrick — Empowerment Church

I used Designefxjc3 to revamp the website of Simply Sweetie's Caterer and Desserts . I am extremely pleased with the work and presentation. I look forward to using this company even more. Thank Mr Carter Dorothy Rivers— Simply Sweeties Catering

Thank you for your very generous gift of time and wisdom on helping me to learn more about Social Media and Facebook set up/care. Thank you for your detail knowledge and best practices. This consult time has been very valuable to my business and to me personally!! You are #E3SoldierWorthy! #E3TrustablePeopleSource. Colleen Dedenbach — Medicaid Assist Services of NE FL, LLC

You're on the right page John Carter III is an awesome graphic designer. He listens and provides excellent guidance and support. "When the student is ready the Teacher will appear" It's time to get serious about your business needs and get the professional Designefix founder John Carter III. Crystal Whiteside-Lemon —C&L Mobile Notary

I am thrilled with the work that has been done for my company Tristan's Acceleration Academy. Our logo design and other graphics have been so marvelous that I have recommended them to some of our clients! Very professional! Arlene Cameron-Lloyd —Tristans Acceleration Academy

Whatever your graphic design marketing and promotional needs are... choose Designefxjc3! The professionalism, timeliness and quality of work is second to none. Mr. John was thorough and efficient. He communicated with me through the whole process. Excellent work -Michelle Angelique Poitier — Healing Women Healing Nations

My man! We’ve been rocking together since the inception of this business in the early 2000’s when you digitized my logo and the one for F.O.H. Basketball team in Saginaw. Thanks for being available through all the years and dealing with my “very particular” imagination. Salute!

-Richard Buford- Adrenaline Rush sports For several years contemplated how to best express visually the high standards of our team... considered several image designs prepared by Design fxjc3 all were rejected and so we re-grouped and talked and expressed concepts from the recesses of our mind... we asked John Carter to be free in thinking thru the concept he then created the Medallion logo ... after fine tuning the details we posted it in our website and other collateral materials. A project well done of which we are proud to display. Jack Manilla- Portofino Pools

Thank you John for this great design. Melissa Lane- Trinity Essence

Per the CEO of ASE... I am very pleased with the skill, dedication, and patience provided to me and my brand by Designefxjc3! A logo is a key part of your marketing; and I am glad that we had such an amazing talent to accomplish such a daunting task! Sequoyah Lindsey-Taylor, CEO, ASE
Healing Women Healing Nations of NE FL

Nationally recognized inspirational & transformational Speaker

Talking Points/Themes:

• Organization Management/Oversight
• Overcoming Adversity
• Sexual Trauma
• Mental Illness/Wellness

Inspires others through transparency:

Michelle has the unique ability to captivate large audiences from all walks of life.

• Equipped to lead others to living a life of transparency and authenticity.
• Encourages others to proactively change the direction of their lives for the better.
• Tackles taboo issues by using her platform to inspire others to live their own truth.


• By offering trainings, workshops and one-on-one coaching that addresses challenges head on.
• By sharing transformational messages geared towards helping others to improve the quality of all aspects of their lives.

What people are saying:

"To say it was a pleasure to hear Michelle speak would be an understatement and would not do her justice. From her entrance to the close of her presentation I heard and identified with every word. Her presentation was filled with sadness, hope, transformation, healing, success and finally happiness. Michelle truly inspired me to reach out and face my fears, believe in myself and move forward into my future. Thank you Michelle, I look forward to staying in contact and sharing my journey with you."
Pam Griffiths, Ocala, FL
Next Level Cleaning LLC

Summary of Business - Our team provides a number of services geared to restore and preserve the value of your commercial or personal property. We only provide the quality services that your business deserves. Over forty years of commercial cleaning experience. Let our technicians bring your business to the next level of clean.

Visit Next Level Cleaning On Facebook

Contact - Antanius Fields, Owner - (904) 386-5185 -
**Mention ESM for Priority Service**

We don’t cut corners, We clean them!


“ I love the slogan: " We don't cut corners; we clean them!" It's an accurate description of the service of this company.The E3Xpo offered an awesome and unique opportunity to experience the personnel and service before hiring."

“Excellent Cleaning Service and with better Employees! I enjoyed doing business with Next level and I encourage others to use this company!!!!!!!!!!”

“ I have used the services of Next Level Cleaning for 2 years at a large state-owned facility which I manage. The company is well-equipped, has adequate manpower, and is responsive. The owner, Mr. Antanius Fields responds promptly to special cleaning requests. I would recommend Next Level Cleaning as the provider of services for your facility.”

“Next Level Cleaning has proven to be one of the best business decisions of 2012 for our organization. They not only helped remove nearly two tons of debris but helped create reality out of our vision. The efforts and dedicated approach of Antanius and his team can not be overstated. E3 is grateful to Next Level and strongly encourages others to contract this business.” - E3 Business Group, Inc. - Americas Division

“I was very impressed with the professionalism and results of Next Level Cleaning when they deep cleaned all of the carpets in my home. It was previously occupied by a smoker, and afterwards there was not even a trace smell of smoke. They arrived on time, double checked as to what I expected done and took care as not to hit the base boards. They were very accommodating with my schedule as to not to inconvenience me. Next Level cleaning was very knowledgeable of their products, and the carpets looked like brand new when they finished. They were older carpets and had stretched considerably and they even offered to stretch them and tack them back. I would recommend Next Level Cleaning highly to either small or larger jobs. They have the ability to attack any size job.”
Postural Therapy and Wellness Inc

Postural Therapy & Wellness Inc is a woman owned business providing effective methodologies for reducing pain, preventing injuries, increasing stability, improving sports performance, and much more. The body was designed to function in a particular position, or posture. When we deviate from that design, joints wear abnormally, and the body develops strains it wasn’t intended to handle. Thus we develop pain and become more prone to instability and injury. This simple and practical method teaches YOU how to regain control of your health.
Secrets of the Pink House

Businessman Jack Manilla, CEO of Portofino Pool Services and Outdoor Living, is sharing his secrets to personal and professional success through God in his new book Secrets of The Pink House (WestBow Press, Nov. 1, 2017, ISBN: 9781512796575).

Prior to becoming an expert in the pool and outdoor living industry, Mr. Jack Manilla found success through a 40-year corporate career. His autobiographical book, Secrets of The Pink House, reveals how Jack thought he was living the “American Dream” – complete with fancy cars, large houses and material wealth – until his ethics were challenged and he decided to walk away from it all. Penniless and unemployed, what followed was a journey that led him to find something he never knew was missing – a deeper relationship with his Savior.

The book is an inspiring tale of finding the one thing everyone needs, a meaningful relationship with their Creator and how through God they can rise above any obstacles they may face in life. Manilla also shares a powerful message of perseverance and provides readers with the reminder that it is never too late to change their life or start over.

“You never know what God has in store for you. I was a very successful businessman that ran multi-million dollar companies, even a couple Fortune 500 businesses,” said Manilla. “I never imagined I would leave the corporate world and start a pool business but here I am. I am living proof that it is never too late to align our path with God’s.”
Simply Sweetie's Catering and More

Simply Sweeties is a minority and woman owned business who provides custom baked goods, small to medium event catering for business, church, formal and non-profit functions. They also have a mobile lunch/dinner service for employees, groups, and private events in North Florida. Simply Sweetie's provides its famous Rum Cakes and other desserts nationally via express delivery.