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"It is wonderful to have the opportunity to learn from the experiences and challenges of other entrepreneurs. The examples of how others have problem solved help me to discern my next steps. I intend to stay connected and continue to identify the steps to take on my journey toward becoming a soaring Eagle. I am on my way." - W. Foster - York, PA

Join one of the fastest growing call for aspiring entrepreneurs, community leaders, corporate managers, VIPs and advocates of change in the Americas. Choose your level of engagement and get ready to join our Eagles in 2017!

How the Call Works:

1. The Call of Eagles is presented each Monday at 7:07am - 7:37am and again 9:07pm - 9:37pm EST via webinar LIVE (You may listen to either call or choose to listen in both)
2. For those with busy schedules the webinar is recorded and posted on our exclusive Call of Eagles group page on Facebook for you to view at your leisure when you want. Webinars remain available for the entire month and may be reviewed as often as needed during the month.

Sign up today and join the ranks of professionals and serious entrepreneurs who are building their vision one week at a time with the Call of Eagles!


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What People Are Saying...

"... I have to say a few words about our founder A M Butler Sr. Although I have only known you and been a part of E3 for a few months, I felt as if I had known you for years after our first meeting. Thank you for all you do to help us become successful and to show us how we can pursue our passion and dreams...and that we can really "soar like eagles" every single day! "

- D. Robinson - Florida

"...I have to give a shout out to my brother, A M Butler Sr, and I mean brother in the literal sense. This man means the world to me. He's a rare ray of sunshine in a world that's dark and self-promoting. I love the wisdom that exudes from his inner being, and the all out support ..."

- Pastor A. Tate III - Illinois

"...I remember meeting Anthony.....- IMMEDIATELY his vision, his passion, his drive for successful men and women exuded through!"

- R. Jackson - Florida

"...the input that I have received from Mr. Butler in my strategy meeting was and still very good helpful information, the only thing I have to do is work it and allow the information to work for me, and it did in more ways than one."

- Dr. C. Powell - Florida

"When I first met A M Butler Sr 3 years ago I had no idea of the impact that he and E3 would have on my life and business. He has elevated my business sense through our classes and has made me a better entrepreneur! Strategies meetings have made me reconsider ideas and tweak them because he gives such positive and enduring advice. Tristan's Acceleration Academy Inc. truly gives thanks for all you do!"

- 2015 E3 Eagle Awardee - A. Cameron-Lloyd - Florida

"...Anthony you are an amazing person with a heart of gold. I'm happy to know you."

- C. Dilley - Georgia

"In a very short time God has moved through Mr A M Butler Sr to shock me out of complacency into a level of motivation on my dreams and passions."

- 2016 E3 Ida Jackson Community Service Awardee - J. Carter III - Florida

"I have to speak about the #1 Mentor hands down, Mr. Anthony Butler! Anthony's Work Ethic and Values speak for themselves. Anthony is not only my Mentor, but he has become a true Family Member. He has and continues to support and guide me in such a successful direction. He has added much substance and value to the Latrell Flowers Family. I am honored to have Anthony by my side in my continuous journey to success. He pushes and challenges me in every way, and continues to allow me to see all sides of business and always provides me with such sound advice. Mr. Butler is there for me at all times no matter what the day, time and need, and for that I am more than grateful.

Mr. Butler's business savvy and knowledge should absolutely be recognized, respected and celebrated. I am proud to call Anthony Butler my Mentor, and he is appreciated by myself along with the Latrell Flowers Family with all of our hearts."

- 2016 International Recognized Small Business of the Year - Baltimore, MD - T. Latrell - Maryland

"...Over the years, he has supported so many entrepreneurs, whether they were E3 or not. He has poured his heart into the vision of E3 and it has grown strong under his leadership. He has pushed over and over to see E3 entrepreneurs make their mark in their communities...and for the community to embrace those small to medium sized businesses."

- Min. F. Long Jr - Tennessee

Eagle Q and A


Eagles in Training will be provided access via Facebook to a private area where Mr. Butler will answer questions and provide additional tools and resources in support of the weekly call.

Individuals not on facebook will receive the information via a monthly email with highlights and key tips.

This call tonight really hit home. I have definitely been too giving to other peoples tries. I darn near had a tear.... Yes this talk hit home����"

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