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"It is wonderful to have the opportunity to learn from the experiences and challenges of other entrepreneurs. The examples of how others have problem solved help me to discern my next steps. I intend to stay connected and continue to identify the steps to take on my journey toward becoming a soaring Eagle. I am on my way."

- W. Foster - York, PA

Large organizations will have fewer layers and use contingent workers as market needs change. Small management teams at the center will use data to direct the activities of front line employees more precisely than ever before. Productivity improvements will be created through the concurrent arrival and scaling of two massive disruptions: the comprehensive automation of repetitive tasks across the front and back office; and the use of analytics to drive decision-making down to the front line. The workforce will transform to consist of internal employees, freelancers and even consumers. Continuous learning will be the norm, with workers seeking ongoing enhancement of “soft” skills and “hard” skills. With a focus on self-directed project work, workers will take unprecedented accountability for their own careers and personal development.

- Source: Operating Models for the Future of Consumption - Accenture

Join one of the fastest growing global tools for aspiring entrepreneurs, community leaders, corporate managers, VIPs and advocates of change in the Americas. Currently heard in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe and the Middle East the Call of Eagles has been credited with raising small business revenues by up to 55% since its inception in January of 2017 and has entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life sharing success stories on how it has strengthened them week by week.

Choose your level of engagement and get ready to join our Eagles as they soar in their business, professional and personal lives!

How the Call Works:

1. The Call of Eagles is a webinar presented LIVEeach Monday at 7:07 am - 7:37 am and again 9:07 pm - 9:37 pm EST via webinar (You may view/listen to either or choose to experience both!)

2. Each week is recorded and posted on the CoE group page via Facebook, Google and email for those not on social media review at your leisure. Webinars remain available for the entire length of your subscription and may be reviewed as often as desired.

Sign up today and join the ranks of professionals, managers, nonprofit creators and serious entrepreneurs who are building their vision one week at a time with the Call of Eagles!

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E3 Business Group, Inc - Americas 2017 Eagle Award Recipient Dorothy Rivers of Simply Sweeties Catering and More believes in the Call of Eagles!

Enjoy the Call of Eagles in 2018 and join businesses and career professionals around the world who saw their impact and REVENUES increase with this proven tool of accountability and action! This is one of the fastest growing tools for aspiring entrepreneurs globally in terms of skills development and revenue production.

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Heard about the Call of Eagles and ready to move your business to the next level but not sure if you have the time? (We can say you definitely do but know you won't believe us. :) ) Take advantage of our 3 month subscription and use your referral code to get the affordable rate of $37.95. And yes, you have a 1 month trial period.

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Know someone who you feel is ready for the Call of Eagles? Want to support a friend or loved one in their growth as an entrepreneur? Interested in investing in the CoE for your sales team and want to experience it for yourself? (MLMers really benefit from it!) Sign up for one month at the affordable rate of $39.95 and see what all the excitement is about.

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