Eagle Soaring Inc (ESI) is designed to meet the needs of the aspiring entrepreneur who is focused and prepared to invest in their success. Our rates reflect our understanding of small business budgets while ensuring fair market pricing. ESI is worthy of your business and will always work to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI). From the individual entrepreneur with a game changing product/service to the established entrepreneur ready to ascend to the next level of business ESI is positioned to be a tool for effective and measurable change.

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Our Inception

When planning a business, creating an organization, or developing a community initiative there is no one way which works best. Aspiring entrepreneurs, community leaders, politicians, and established organizations looking to enhance or expand their visions require a certain mindset, a specific path to their individual success. For over 20 years there has been one model which has been proven time and time again to bring meaningful gains to those who embrace its message, implement the strategies and incorporate the philosophy into their vision. That model is E3™. Over 5000 entrepreneurs have benefited from this philosophy and the visionary behind it, Anthony M. Butler, Sr.

For the first time individuals outside of E3 have access to a resource that has benefited its members nationwide. Mr. Butler’s ability to see opportunity where others see nothing has made him a valuable commodity for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. He is recognized from local communities up to Presidential administrations as a person of purpose and results. ESM was created by Mr. Butler to provide access for those outside of the E3 family and expand the benefits his unique “Strategy Sessions” to any person, organization or community ready to be more and do more consistently. Is your business or vision feasible? Where is your identified place in the market? How do you define your customers, clients, and champions? Do you recognize the difference in their value? These are questions answered daily by Mr. Butler for aspiring entrepreneurs. Why not you??

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CEO - Anthony Butler Sr

Anthony M. Butler, Sr. is the Founder and National Director of the E3 Business Group, Inc. For nearly 25 years he has spent his life working with hundreds of entrepreneurs while sharing his E3 philosophy (Educate, Encourage, Empower) to thousands of people in the US and Europe. His concepts for marketing and relationship building have been used in numerous industries and helped leaders from fortune 500, government, educational and military organizations to streamline processes and create dynamic leadership models and community engagement campaigns in the areas of economic development and quality of life.

A native of Baltimore, MD, Mr. Butler has been a proud citizen of Jacksonville for over 10 years. After having success as a defense contractor for DARPA and Social Security Administration (technology & software training) he relocated to Jacksonville in 2003 bringing his unique computer consulting and training firm, The Computer Spa, to the Beaver Street Enterprise Center. In 2004 he was selected as the first winner of the Fresh Ministries Entrepreneur of the Year award. In 2005, Mr. Butler was hired by Catholic Charities and helped in the successful writing and securing of the Katrina Aid Today grant helping families affected by hurricanes Wilma, Rita, and Katrina. From 2006 - 2007 he was an executive consultant and national trainer for a Southside high tech firm working with municipal governments and chambers of commerce nationwide. He was hired by the Peyton Administration in 2008 as Manager for Education and Community Outreach for the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission where he became the first African-American male to head the City's race relations program.

In 2010, Mr. Butler returned to his purpose driven life and begin to work E3 full time. Since that time he has built an organization of 700 businesses in 18 cities and 5 states nationwide. His organization has worked to create entrepreneurs and promote community advocacy through its unique use of the E3 Philosophy of Educate, Encourage, and Empower. He speaks nationally to professional organizations, schools, government leaders and community based organizations on a variety of topics. He is the creator of the So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur Professional Development Series and the architect of the 3-30-300 initiative for economic development. His community dialogue model Real Talk… Real Change was created in 2009 and has become the largest annual community dialogue in Northeast Florida tackling issues such as colorism, family values, youth rights and most recently “Is It Me?! A Look At Mental Health & Wellness”.

As owner of Eagle Soaring Management, Inc. he handles a limited number of clients annually. He has been honored by grass roots and fortune 100 corporations for his dedication and servant leadership most recent accomplishments include being selected by both the Republican and Democratic parties as a representative of small business to meet First Lady Michelle Obama in April of 2012 followed by being honored as one of the first civilians awarded honorary membership into the National Society of Pershing Rifles - Alumni Chapter. In 2013 he was named 2012 Member of the Year by the National Sales Network of Jacksonville. In April 2014 Mr. Butler was announced as one of the Top 50 Small Business Influencers by Advantage Magazine in Florida. He has served on the 2008 Quality of Life Review Board, 2010 Task Force on City Finances, 2010 Race Relations Review Committee and currently sits on the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition and the Jax Small Biz Helps Coaliton. He is a proud member of the Southside Business Men’s Club and of course the E3 Business Group. Anthony has been blessed to be a keynote speaker or presenter locally and nationally over the past 12 months at numerous events including the City of Jacksonville Career Fair (2014 & 2015) and the Delta Sigma Theta 2014 Economic Development Summit, 2014 Mayor Brown’s Business Builder and 2015 State of E3 Address.

In February of 2015 Mr. Butler and E3 made local history by creating and successfully hosting the first ever national exposition for aspiring entrepreneurs in Jacksonville, FL. The event brought together over 40 organizations which support entrepreneurs and had nearly 250 attendees. He officially launched ESM April of 2015 and expects to support 20 exclusive entrepreneurs by 2016.

What Professionals Are Saying


Eagle Soaring Management is a culmination of nearly 25 years of progressive work by CEO and Founder Anthony Butler, Sr. Here is what professionals from various industries feel about his approach to building entrepreneurs:

Anthony Butler has the rare ability to quickly grasp the minutiae and complexity of your business and boil it down to...

Posted by Jack Manilla on Monday, April 27, 2015

Congratulations, they say holding onto dreams makes you normal. In E3 you learn holding dreams without taken a step...

Posted by Brian Bordley on Friday, April 24, 2015

Professional services to help your business move to the next level!

Posted by Arlene Cameron-Lloyd on Saturday, April 25, 2015

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