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E3 Book Announced!

On August 15, 2017 it was announced by CEO Anthony M. Butler, Sr. that his long awaited book, "E3: Philosophy for Business Success" was completed. This unique tool for aspiring entrepreneurs, business professionals, community leaders and governments gives an indepth and thought provoking look at the E3 Philosophy.

Created in 1993 by Mr. Butler the E3 philosophy of Educate, Encourage, and Empower has become the mantra for thousands of entrepreneurs across the U.S. and around the world. For nearly 25 years this approach to business has been incorporated, implemented and at times imitated by every level of business. Designed to be a "functional read" E3 the book takes a look at the origins of the philosophy, how it manifests itself in the mindsets of those exposed to it and the ongoing evolving from a brand into a movement.

"This title is meant to bring meaning to those who have struggled to latch onto their own vision for success. I want small businesses to grow with the knowledge being shared and I want the larger businesses and schools to utilize our concepts to enhance their methods and increase their impact on the leaders of tomorrow." - A. M. Butler, Sr.

Now Shipping!!

Packages Available for Delivery

Standard Edition: Full version of E3: Philosophy for Business Success on customized USB/CD media package. Includes audio commentary by E3 Founder Anthony M. Butler, Sr. and bonus templates for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Deluxe Edition: Includes all items in the standard edition plus reserved copy of traditional (softcover) book

Platinum Edition: Includes all items in Deluxe edition plus BONUS material All About Sponsorships-Limited Edition. This presentation gives you the code to generating sponsorships and developing your own revenue producing campaigns for profit, non-profit, and community based initiatives, programs, or events

Eagle Edition: Includes all from the Platinum Edition PLUS 6 MONTHS of the internationally recognized Call of Eagles webinar series. ($180 value)

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More on Eagle Soaring Managment

When planning a business, creating an organization, or developing a community initiative there is no one way which works best. Aspiring entrepreneurs, community leaders, politicians, and established organizations looking to enhance or expand their visions require a certain mindset, a specific path to their individual success. For over 20 years there has been one model which has been proven time and time again to bring meaningful gains to those who embrace its message, implement the strategies and incorporate the philosophy into their vision. That model is E3™. Over 5000 entrepreneurs have benefited from this philosophy and the visionary behind it, Anthony M. Butler, Sr.

For the first time individuals outside of E3 have access to a resource that has benefited its members nationwide. Mr. Butler’s ability to see opportunity where others see nothing has made him a valuable commodity for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. He is recognized from local communities up to Presidential administrations as a person of purpose and results. ESM was created by Mr. Butler to provide access for those outside of the E3 family and expand the benefits his unique “Strategy Sessions” to any person, organization or community ready to be more and do more consistently. Is your business or vision feasible? Where is your identified place in the market? How do you define your customers, clients, and champions? Do you recognize the difference in their value? These are questions answered daily by Mr. Butler for aspiring entrepreneurs, business professionals and community leaders. Why not you??

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In It To Win IT Growing!

ESM CEO Anthony Butler Sr stands with North Florida business owners who attended official sign-up breakfast for "In It To Win It" campaign. (l-r; Butler, Naga Wasserman (Postural Therapy & Wellness Inc), Dorothy Rivers (Simply Sweetie's Catering & More), Sequoyah Lindsey-Taylor (ASE Enterprises), and Crystal Whiteside-Lemon (C & L Mobile Notary Services)

The "In It To Win It" is an exclusive product positioning and national campaign developed by ESM to help boost the brand, revenue, and market share of aspiring entrepreneurs in North America. The pilot program seeks to give up to 20 small business owners and non-profits access to the same tools and methods utilized for larger organizations without the up front costs.

"I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs every year who are just one opportunity away from making it to the next level in their organization." states Executive Consultant and CEO Anthony M. Butler, Sr. "Usually the only thing stopping them is not having the foundation of a company like Eagle Soaring Management to promote them due to the cost. We understand this and see this as an investment which will be a WIN for both them and us."

The program is designed to push market the clients and also establish new vending relationships. ESM will earn residuals off of the business revenues. "In It To Win It" continues to look for serious entrepreneurs and organizations who desire assistance with sponsorships, contract acquisition or product development/distribution. Email if interested in being considered. The program is capped at 20 organizations.